Yars' Revenge

Watch on YouTube Yars' Revenge is often described as one of the best games on Atari. While this is admittedly a dubious title -- from a platform that gave us such 'classics' as E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial and Pepsi Invaders, the bar is set pretty low -- I have a hard time understanding the particular love for Yars.

The game is simple: attack the alien ship. Destroy the shield, and attack the alien ship inside. But... that's all there is to it. There is no variety; and mostly it's just repetitive button mashing plus a little bit of good timing and some decent luck.

I can not understand the joy this brings some people, but I have seen it: when I attended a retro gaming event in the Boston area, I got the same reaction; and the Yars' was the best-selling original title on the Atari system.

But all I can say is: I just don't get it.