Water Triangle Game

Watch on YouTube When you want a game from your childhood, you can't go wrong with a Water Triangle Game.

I mean, you can. In fact, I did: I ordered a 2-pack on Amazon, only to find out that they were not the large, 8"x11" sized devices I remember, but instead were limited to a 3" tall device.

The first time I played this cheap toy I purchased from Amazon, it broke. Nothing like the triangle games I played when I was a kid -- which *still* work just fine at my grandmother's house, 30 years later. Nothing makes me feel older than realizing that these games are no longer really made by anyone: that this is an era of my young childhood that young children will simply never experience. The frustration of trying to get that last triangle on there, and having it keep missing; the pain of the waterful ring toss, knocking the other rings off *just* when you were trying to get the ring on.

In any case: to celebrate the games of my youth, I went back to the earliest game I remember playing: The Water Triangle Game.