Full Playthrough of Spyro the Dragon

Watch on YouTube: Part 1 Part 2 This was my first full playthrough of Spyro. (I had made an aborted attempt in the past, but found that emulating Playstation games on the system I had at the time was really not effective.)

Overall, Spyro is everything I want from a 3D platformer. It has interesting environments; the gameplay is tough but not too tough; the game requires some level of completionism in order to proceed, but not a massive amount; the game progresses in increasing difficulty as you go on. The camera works great; and has a wide field of view, meaning very little of your time is spent trying to find where you actually want to look.

The voice acting is not super compelling, and the story itself is a bit weak, which doesn't help matters. But like many of my favorite games, the story isn't the important part.