Ori and the Blind Forest

Watch on YouTube: Part 1 Part 2 Ori and the Blind Forest is probably one of the most beautiful games I've played, period.

The music and environment are simply breathtaking, and they evoke lovely emotions all the way through. The story -- of the spirit Ori attempting to restore life to the dying environment around him -- is nothing short of heartbreaking. And the gameplay is incredibly enjoyable, all the way through -- from your first steps into the world to your powerful endgame with gliding, shooting, and more.

Unlike other Metroidvania-ish games which leave me feeling lost and directionless, Ori has the right mix of accomplishment and progress to keep me constantly feeling like I'm heading somewhere. While games like Hollow Knight have me constantly recovering the same ground in order to make progress, Ori instead gives the right amount of progression, ensuring that as you play, you're constantly moving forward.

The ability to choose how you become more powerful as you gain abilities -- expanding your attack, defense, or manueverability -- are great, giving players tools to increase their skill in whatever area they need.

I highly recommend this game. If anyone asks you for a game of this style, pick this one first. To me, this is what more games should aspire to.

If you haven't checked out Ori and the Blind Forest, you can do so on Steam, and is typically available for about $20.