No Man's Sky

Watch on YouTube: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 I have always thought that the bad rap that No Man's Sky got was completely overblown. While it is unfortunate that the game didn't live up to the hype that it originally got -- that it would probably have been a better $30 game than a $60 game -- I feel that the game was a charming and enjoyable experience.

Travel through black holes. Find and name creatures, planets, systems, plants, and more. Explore space, and find the multitude of things out there. While the game is more focused on exploration than any real "gameplay", I believe that it's an enjoyable romp through space; slowly upgrading your ship and suit to have more space, obtaining credits to buy nicer things, and more.

I believe the overhype that the game received was unfortunate: What could have been a perfectly lovely indie game was ruined by overly high expectations, set in part by the developers and in part by the participation of a big-name supporter (in the form of Sony).

I enjoyed playing No Man's Sky, and I still enjoy watching No Man's Sky gameplay -- seeing the variations in new places, planets, and animals. I enjoy flying over a planet and collecting waypoints and naming them; I enjoy the relatively relaxing gameplay.

It's a shame that the overly high expectations for the game allowed its reputation to be so sullied amont the community, because I always found the gaem to be quite enjoyable to play and see.