Embers of Mirrim

Watch on YouTube Embers of Mirrim is a fun platforming game which offers a unique combination of dual-stick control of a split character along with classical platforming.

The world is beautiful. The platforming gameplay is largely straightforward, but the unique property of the main character is the ability -- and the requirement -- to split into two halves, allowing both halves to move about the 2d space independently.

Sort of like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time, separating your main character in two and having the two explore a 2d space independently means that you have to learn how to make sometimes opposing movements at the same time. The game starts out easy, with parallel movements, but ramps up the difficulty, mixing in different mechanics, necessary movements, and more, making a challenging puzzle to solve.

I originally played Mirrim at PAX East, and was excited to see the full game. The result did not disappoint.