Watch on YouTube Limbo was a beautiful adventure through a gorgeous -- if creepy -- environment. The variety of environments and emotions that can be evoked using only black and white graphics was incredible, and the impact of the low level ambient sounds is impressive.

Released in 2010 from Playdead, the game features an unnamed main character making his way through a variety of spooky environments, using tools -- from spider legs to run of the mill boxes to gravity switchers -- to progress through the game. From the spooky forest to the urban hotel to the deadly industrial zones, Limbo takes the player through a variety of experiences.

Limbo took me about 4 hours to complete, and I died 256 times during my playthrough. Every time you die, you learn something new not to do -- and you learn how to get past it and move on. The game takes a good balance between progress and frustration, which never left me feeling stuck for long enough to want to reach for a guide, which is important in puzzle platformers I play.

I routinely watch other people play Limbo on YouTube Gaming, because I love the game, and I think that it is just really well put together. I highly recommend it if you haven't played it.