Her Story

Her Story is an incredibly mind-bending puzzle game. The game plays out as a series of full motion video clips that tell a story: the story of a woman in a police precinct being interrogated over the course of several days about her missing husband.

Even calling this a 'game' may be a bit odd; there's no winning condition, no answer. You start with a searchable video database, which allows you to view a series of video clips totalling approximately 1.5 hours of pre-recorded footage. Your goal is to understand what took place: to figure out what happened ti Simon (and possibly what the person who is being interviewed knows about it).

This is a difficult game to understand through watching, but playing it was incredible. I highly recommend checking out Her Story, and getting your own view of what happened to Simon.

(I'd say "10/10 would play again" but once you've gone thorugh this game once, there is really no replayability, though watching someone else play it may be interesting to see how they react through the various reveals.)