Ecco the Dolphin

Watch on YouTube This game was terrible.

The controls are ridiculous. The environments are boring. The music is tinny. The gameplay is uninteresting.

The game punishes you horribly if you fail even a little; makes you wander through mazes for no real purposes, and is a difficult to play, uninteresting, and unenjoyable game.

The initial scene in Ecco is so difficult that after 30 minutes in my pre-stream playthorugh, I never figured out how to get past it, and had to look up a guide. I'll admit I'm not the best gamer, but the lack of any kind of indication as to what you were supposed to do with a difficult manuever that only works when you do it just right sets the scene for the whole game.

I believe there are only two games I have ever abandoned in the middle of a livestream for simply being too crappy: This is one of them.

To this game I say: I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.