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Every Monday and Friday at 9:15PM Eastern time, I broadcast video games on YouTube... but while playing games, I also talk about internet culture, and the interesting technical and social things I've stumbled across this week.

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Latest Review: Sonic Mania

  • Genre: Platformer
  • Platform: Modern PC

Sonic Mania feels less like a "retro style" game and more like an actual retro game. The gameplay, controls, environments and more are exactly what you'd expect if someone were to release a new Genesis-based Sonic game... minus the fact that the increased size, plus things like cut scenes and other bits clearly call it out as not being achievable on the Sega Genesis platform.

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I'm a member of a collection of YouTube retro live streamers. Together, we form the retro squad, streaming retro games every day of the week. Check out this page to find some awesome new retro gamers to watch.


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In total, I have played 298 total games, spanning streams on 203 different days across 23 genres on 18 platforms.


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